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Something I’ve noticed about Singaporeans is how much they enjoy ~art. They have different museums and seasonal exhibits that showcase art in its numerous forms. Just walking around, you’ll see how Singapore streets are usually covered with beautiful murals. And a lot of cafés offer art workshops and jamming sessions to people who aim to bring their enthusiasm to the next level. One of the more popular ones is My Art Space located at Orchard Road.

I registered for their Painting Introductory Workshop last April. It’s a 3-hour oil and acrylic painting workshop designed for beginners such as myself. It’s SGD 65, inclusive of the canvass and tools rental. Although not cheap, this price is very competitive compared to other less popular art cafés.

During the workshop, our instructor gave us an overview of the different tools for painting as well as techniques to help us create our own pieces. Because it’s an entry level workshop, we only worked with two (2) colors. These colors were more than enough though to apply the instructor’s teachings.

At the end of the session, we were able to come up with simple still life paintings. Now if you’re a bit disappointed with my output, here are some impressive pieces created by more advanced students.

Overall the workshop was a fun activity but I honestly don’t think painting is for me. Perhaps I’m better off visiting museums and appreciating street murals instead.

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